Playing Games Can Be Serious Business

Playing Games Can Be Serious Business - Experiential Training Works "Playing Games Can Be Serious Business" in PDF format

Experiential training really works. In most of WorldGAMES' training programs participants are interactively involved for more than 90% of the time. This active participation increases the capacity to learn and allows participants hands-on experience of the new skills for themselves. Please don't just take our word for it, just look at these commonly asked questions and see what others feel about using WorldGAMES, games with intention, in their training programs:

Can games benefit me or my people and increase the effectiveness of my training?

"I learnt more about delegation and communication in the 15 minutes of playing that game than I learnt in 10 years in management roles."
Rob Jamieson, Owner, Cooney & Jamieson

"THE best Training EVER"
Participant, TransWater Management Development Program

Does experiential training produce more rapid results?

"I have seen more company behavioural change in the short time that we have been running their [WorldGAMES] team development program than I have experienced in half a lifetime in Australian industry.”
John Warwick, Director, Simplecomputing

Can my training programs be made more interesting?

"Your obvious enthusiasm sustained a high level of interest by all participants and, most importantly, everyone had a lot of fun.”
Chris Gotham, Director of Finance, Amalgamated Holdings Limited

“The games were interesting and thoroughly enjoyed by all, the interactions were stimulating and positive. Thank you for a job well done.”
Ron Roland, Group Managing Director, API

Can I get more enjoyment out of delivering my training and learn more for myself?

"What fun! And I learnt so much too! My ability to give feedback to my people has never been so effective.”
Rachael Heald, Personnel Manager, Reckitt & Colman Australasia

Can experiential learning be used to deliver essential data?

"I was delighted with the way you were able to structure the debrief after the games to highlight topics that were discussed during the main body of the seminar ... the games were not only fun but also an integral part of the learning process.”
Richard Bellmaine, Manager, Homecare Direct Shopping

Games and experiential learning are fun but will they produce results for my business?

“It doesn’t matter what I say or how I say it, I cannot really do justice to the program, in terms of experiences, or learnings, or the benefits that have arisen out of this program for all of us.”
Brian Simmons, Participant, TransWater Management Development Program

"A truly brilliant game and one that I believe could save organisations many hundreds of thousands of dollars”
Rob Jamieson, Owner, Cooney & Jamieson

How does experiential learning work? Read on.....

How does it work?

Experiential learning delivers you effective training for your people because:

How can WorldGAMES help me?

WorldGAMES can help you lift the effectiveness of your training programs:

To find out more about how WorldGAMES can help you provide more effective training, just call John Radclyffe on +61 2 9880 7277 today.

Playing Games Can Be Serious Business - Experiential Training Works "Playing Games Can Be Serious Business" in PDF format

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